Saturday, April 2, 2011

An Evening in Le Havre

On deck tonight was the wonderful board game, Le Havre, from Uwe Rosenberg and published by Lookout Games. JD came over a little after 6 PM with Harley in tow. Alex and Liam entertained Harley while his father proceeded to school me in the fine art of constructing buildings and shipping goods.

As the first player, I managed to get the Marketplace built early, as well as, some other buildings. It looked promising, but I overlooked feeding my people, and the loans started to add up and interest began to accrue. 

(I easily paid twice the amount I lost the game by in interest alone.)

In the end, after three hours, JD prevailed 231 to 224. A couple of play errors in the last round sealed the win for the Taterman. (Important tip: when your opponent has 3 Steel and plenty of Coke, don't leave the Wharf and allow him to build a 38 point Luxury Liner.)

I highly recommend checking out Le Havre at If you like what you see, and enjoy resource management type games, visit your local game store and check it out.